Fusion Pet Retreat is for all dogs, any size, any breed, any age, even non-social or special needs dogs. Our single and multiple dog suites and kennels are tailored each dog’s size, age and temperament. With 2500 sq. ft. of indoor play areas and 8000 sq. ft. of partially covered outdoor play area Fusion Pet Retreat is all about fun.

Dog Daycare

with dogs in mind

  • Many dogs find very large playgroups to be intimidating. At Fusion, we have a maximum of 10 dogs per playgroup.
  • Did you know that 20 minutes of doggie playtime is the equivalent mental and physical stimulation as a one-hour walk?!
  • This is why we give all of our daycare dogs some time to rest in between play sessions. When your dog is not playing, they get a special kennel all to themselves, for naptime.
  • Dogs are placed in small playgroups according to many factors, such as: size, play style, age, and temperament. This ensures your dog is in a group with their soon-to-be BFF’s! (Best Furry Friends)



Nice Fusion Pet Retreat regular visiting the back yard

Happy Boston Terrier in the outdoor play area at Fusion Pet Retreat


  • From puppies to seniors, we love them all!
    • Puppies under 6 months are welcomed, they just need to have had their second set of shots.
  • Quick and easy Check-in
  • Flexible Drop Off/Pick Up times
  • Near Minnetonka Blvd. and I-494


  • When developing our daycare program, we consulted an internationally-accredited behaviorist.
  • Each playgroup is assigned 2 pet care staff to monitor the group
  • All of our pet care staff goes through intensive training with an animal behaviorist
  • Several of our staff are veterinary trained

Rates and Information


  • Full day – $31.00
  • Half day – $22.00 (choose either a morning or afternoon session)
  • Socially Selective Daycare – $33.00


  • Packages
    • 10 days – $ 300.00 (only $30/day)
    • 20 days – $ 580.00 (only $29/day)
    • 30 days – $ 840.00 (only $28/day)
    • 60 days – $1,620.00 (only $27/day)
    • 90 days – $2,430.00 (only $27/day
  • Socially Selective Packages
    • 10 days – $ 320.00 (only $32/day)
    • 20 days – $ 620.00 (only $31/day)
    • 30 days – $ 900.00 (only $30/day)
  • Half Day Packages
    • 10 days – $ 210.00 (only $21/day)

All dog breeds, sizes, and ages are welcome including special needs dogs!  

Daycare extras

  • Calming Pheromone Spritz – $2.00 / treatment
    • These natural pheromone treatments are meant to help calm and de-stress your pet. They utilize a naturally occurring pheromone that mothers produce to comfort and calm their puppies/kittens. There pheromones provide a strong sense of security and comfort to your pet.
  • Cuddle Time – $10.00 / 15 minutes
    • Do you want your pet to have some individual cuddle time, in addition to their group play? We will have a staff member spend quality one-on-one time with your pet, helping them to de-stress and relax while they’re away from home getting the love they deserve!
  • Doggie Ice Cream Treat – $2.50 each
    • Let us provide your dog a chilly treat! A frozen, healthy treat for your pet to keep them busy or reward them for good behavior. These special treats can be offered during lunch time or right before bedtime.
  • Progress Report Card – $5 each
    • Throughout your pet’s stay, our Pet Care team can share pupdates upon request. This report will include a description of how your pet has been eating, what they’ve been doing here at Fusion, and some pictures or videos!
  • Frozen Stuffed Kong – $4 each
    • We can offer your pet a size-appropriate frozen kong filled with special treats to help keep your pet busy!

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Every new client gets a free day of daycare! This helps our staff and your dog to become comfortable with each other. To book your first day of daycare, please click on the button. Make a Reservation  

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If you have questions, please visit our FAQ’s page by clicking the button or contact us. We are available during business hours by phone at (952) 936-9000 or via email at info@fusionpetretreat.com. FAQ's