Your cat will love our new cat boarding suites and condos. Each condo unit features multiple levels with separate rooms that can be joined together for multiple cats. In the cat wing at Fusion Pet Retreat, cats live large!

Cat Boarding

FUN for everyone

  • All cats get a private condo with multiple levels. Or we offer private suites for those cats who prefer more privacy.
  • Cats get to use the entire cat playroom in rotations throughout the day
  • The cat playroom is stocked with lots of fun kitty brain-teasers, like:
    • cat condos
    • a fish tank
    • interactive cat toys
    • scratching posts
  • We are happy to accept cats of all ages – including kittens and geriatrics
  • Cats with special needs are welcome too!


  • Our pet care staff are working from 6:00 am – 9:00 pm, every single day
  • All of our Pet Care Staff is behaviorally trained with an internationally-certified animal behaviorist
  • Several of our staff are veterinary trained


  • We have a 36 Surveillance camera system for security
  • Fire Detection and suppression
  • Back- up Power Generation


  • Quick and easy Check-in
  • Flexible Drop Off/Pick Up times
  • Near Minnetonka Blvd. and I-494


  • Every cat condo is completely private, so cats don’t see their neighbors
  • We have separate suites for cats who need more privacy or space, so cats can be in the environment that is best for them
  • Multiple cat families can board their cats together
  • Every condo has a litter box (cleaned daily), a special cat bed, and a few small toys
  • Owners are welcomed to bring in their cat’s favorite personal items for boarding stays

Comfy cuddly great cat currled up under a window in the Fusion Pet Retreat cat wing

Rates and Reservations


  • Condos – $25.00 / day
  • Suites
    • 1 cat   – $35.00 / day
    • 2 cats – $63.00 / day
    • 3 cats – $80.00 / day
    • 4 cats – $97.00 / day

*Sorry, no intact male cats

We accept special needs cats!


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