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Pets come in all shapes, sizes, and coat types.

At Fusion® Pet Retreat®, we think that every pet deserves convenient and care-focused grooming. We now offer these dog and puppy grooming services.

Let Fusion Pet Retreat keep your dog clean and looking great!

Pet Grooming Services

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Low Stress Approach

We take a specialized approach to grooming animals that uses low-stress techniques to keep pets comfortable!

Dogs and Puppies

We offer grooming for adults and puppies alike! Help your pup come to love the groomer by starting early!

Behavioral Grooming

Even dogs who have struggled with the grooming process in the past are welcomed here! We will work with you to create a plan to get your dog comfortable.

Basic Grooming Services

Our goal is to ensure your pet is as happy and comfortable as possible during their groom!


A basic groom includes a bath with Espana brand shampoo and conditioner, blow out, ear cleaning, nail trim (add $5 for dremel), and bandana.

Price range: $50-150
Grooming / Haircuts

Grooming/Haircuts (Specialty cuts available) – Include bath with Espana brand shampoo and conditioner, De-Shedding blow out, Stylized Haircut, Feet and Sanitary Area Clean-up, ear cleaning, and nail trim ($5 for dremel). Long and Pattern cuts my be subject to additional fees.


Price Range: $80-300

Special services

Special Bath Services

Tear Stain Facial Scrub
Cost: $5


External Anal Gland Expression
Cost: $10


Deep Conditioning Coat Treatment
Cost: $15
De-Shedding Furminator Treatment
Cost: $20

Our Team

Fusion’s passionate team of professionals are trained by a certified behaviorist and take continuing education seriously.

Abby Anderson

Grooming Manager/Groomer

Since coming to work at Fusion, I have been very impressed with the knowledgeable staff and how friendly everyone is… and I LOVE coffee. I have 4 kids and 4 dogs, so yes, I love coffee.

Michelle Berg


Bio coming soon!

Kristina Rauchbauer


I love making dogs look and feel their best through my work. When not working, I enjoy spending time with my dogs – Arya (Standard Poodle), Lyla (Great Pyrenes Mix), Ginny (Lionhead Mix), and Oliver (GSD). I am also passionate about spreading education about adopting and buying animals from responsible breeders or rescues.

Rachael Hammerud


My passion is making dogs feel like a million bucks, and I am so happy to be able to do this at Fusion. When not at work I enjoy spending time with my 3 dogs – Porter (Chinese Crested), Gunther (Leonberger), and Hemi (Pit Mix). I alos enjoy baking, crafting, and puzzling.

Dog Grooming FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should my dog be groomed?

Every 4-8 weeks, depending on your dog.

How often should my dog's nails be trimmed?

Every 2-4 weeks depending on your dog and the season.

How soon should I get my puppy groomed?

Ideally we start at 10-12 weeks old. Starting this young allows us to set a foundation for your dog to love grooming throughout their entire life. 

How often should I brush a long-haired dog?

At least 2x daily.

How often should I brush my dog's teeth?

Once daily at home.

What is your availability?

Call or request an appointment online. Please note we are typically booked a couple weeks in advance, so please make your appointment request as early as possible.

Should I pre-book my appointment?
Yes. Our groomers’ schedules fill up fast, so we recommend booking in advance as much as possible.
Can my dog be groomed at daycare or while boarding?
Yes. However, we cannot guarantee there will be an appointment slot available during your dog’s stay. If you want to ensure your dog will be groomed while here, please book at least a month in advance.
What vaccines does my dog need for a grooming appointment?

All dogs must be up to date on Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella. Dogs must also have had a negative fecal test within the past 12 months. Dogs should also be on regular flea and tick preventative during the months of April-October.

If there is a reason your vet has advised you not to give your pet a vaccination, please contact us to discuss any exemption policies.

Do you accept titers instead of vaccines?
Yes, we will accept recent titers in lieu of vaccinations. Titers must be renewed yearly.