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Halloween Party

Twice the fun this year! 

In addition to our Annual Howl-o-ween Daycare Party, we will be expanding the party. We will be having a party for dogs and their humans on Thursday, Oct. 28th.

The Howl-o-ween Daycare Party (for dogs at Daycare Only) will be on Friday, Oct. 29th.

See more details below!

All Dogs Welcome small dog and large dog

Client & Dog Party – Oct. 28th, 7-10pm

Fusion Pet Retreat is having an extra spooky Howl-o-ween Party this year! We are having a party for clients and their dogs to attend on Thursday, Oct. 28th from 7-10pm.

The Activities

We will be hosting different spooky activities that dogs and their humans can participate in. These activities will include:

– Pumpkin Patch Crafts
– Dog Costume Contest (see more info below!)
– Bobbing for Apples
– Photo Booth
– Trick or Treat Maze
– Candyland FUNgility
– Dog Haunted House
– Graveyard Digging
– and more!


  • All dogs need to be up-to-date on vaccinations
  • All dogs need to be on regular flea and tick preventative
  • All dogs need to be healthy and able to attend an event
  • Dogs need to be comfortable on-leash around other dogs (dog-reactive dogs are welcome to attend starting at 9:15pm only)
  • Dogs must be accompanied and leash must be held by at least one adult (over 18)
  • Dogs must be on leash at all times
  • No Retracable Leashes or E Collars will be allowed
  • Clients must pickup or clean up after their dogs throughout event
  • Tickets must be purchased in advanced online

Reactive Dog Friendly Times

Since Fusion is devoted to our reactive dog friends, we are also hosting time slots that are reactive dog friendly! These slots will start at 9:15pm and will be arranged to allow dog-reactive dogs to participate in the activities without any other dogs present.

Please note: you should only bring your dog if they would be comfortable in a new situation with many new people. Dog-reactive dogs are welcome, but we cannot accept any human reactive or aggressive dogs.


Tickets will be sold per dog for $8. For each dog you want to bring, please purchase a ticket. Any family members are welcome to attend with their dog. The dog tickets will allow your dog to participate in all of the party activities (9+)! Just like in Trick-or-Treating your dog will get some goodies througout the party to take home and enjoy!

Limited tickets will be available in differing starting time slots. These slots will begin on Thursday, Oct 28th at 7pm and will be available every 15 minutes until 9pm. People are welcome to stay longer, these times are just the staring times for your dog. This helps to spread out the entry of people and their dogs throughout the evening.

Fusion Pet Retreat Dog Training Center

Doggie Costume Contest

Show off your dog’s favorite halloween costume!

Voting Friday, Oct. 28th at 7pm until Sunday, Oct 31st at noon

Our Facebook fans will “vote” for the top 3 dog costumes. Winners will get…
-1st Place will get a $100 Fusion Credit
-2nd Place will get a $75 Fusion Credit
-3rd place will get a $50 Fusion Credit

You have 3 ways to enter this year:

  1. Attend the Client/Dog Halloween party and have your dog’s picture taken there. We will post the photo and enter your dog in the contest.
  2. Bring your dog to daycare on Friday. We will take their photo and enter them.
  3. Send a photo to before Oct. 28th. We will post the photo and enter it in our contest

The Rules…
You can enter by using one of the options above. We will post an album on our Facebook page with all of our entrants and their pictures on Friday, Oct 29th at 7pm. Voting will then open and go through Sunday, Oct. 31st until noon. After that we will announce our winners. 1 vote = 1 like or reaction, 1 share, or 1 comment. People can vote up to 3 times by doing each voting method. Share your dog’s post with your friends to get more votes! 

Daycare Halloween Party – Oct. 29th all day

This is our original Halloween Party! Bring your dog in for daycare on Friday, Oct. 29th. They will get to participate in a collection of spooky activities throughout the day designed to enrich and entertain your pup!

 Pictures will be posted throughout the day on our Facebook page. On this day, clients will also receive a free report card of their dog’s activities!