Building Blocks of Agility Class

Dog agility is a great sport for canines and humans alike! Dog agility is a timed obstacle course encouraging speed and intelligence from the dog. It is a team sport that builds an incomparable bond between dog and owner. Agility is well known to build confidence in dogs, engage dogs mentally, and be a great source of physical exercise. So whether you want to compete in agility or want to participate in a fun activity with your dog, this series of classes is for you!


Our Building Blocks classes create our foundations for agility program. Each of our instructors have years of training and agility experience behind them. Additionally, our instructors place a high priority on positive, reinforcement based training. Each agility instructor spends hours outside of class researching the latest training methods backed by scientific research. When you attend our Building Blocks classes, you can rest assured that you are receiving comprehensive and innovative instruction. This allows our students to compete at the highest levels or have the most fun with their dog.


Building Blocks of Agility is a three (3) part series of Classes. Building Blocks 1 focuses on teaching foundation agility skills to your dog, while building a great dog/human relationship at the same time. In this class, teams will learn the basics of shaping, work on handling skills on the flat, and begin to learn some equipment.


Building Blocks 2 takes off where the previous class ends. Teams will build off of the skills they have learned to learn more handling skills and more equipment. Teams will start putting together small skills by doing 2-3 obstacles in a row at the end of class.


Building Blocks 3 is where we put it all together! The skills we have been building on in all the previous classes start getting incorporated into short handling sequences (3-8 obstacles). This class does not teach weave poles. Students should either take our Weave Pole class at the same time or immediately following this class.



  • Dogs should be 1 year old or have instructor permission at start of class
  • Dogs should have basic obedience skills, such as sit, down, come, etc. (Dogs can learn these skills through our Basic Manners Class or on their own.)
  • Dogs should be up to date on all age appropriate vaccinations

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