Behavior and Specialty Training

Reactive Classes

Reactive class trainers use progressive and humane behavior modification methods for dealing with on-leash dog reactivity. Learn skills for handling your dog in situations that they struggle with. Instructors will guide you through techniques to help your dog feel calm, confident and comfortable while out in the world. 


Tricks Classes

Tricks class is more than a fun class to take with your dog! This curriculum develops skills that will help to strengthen your relationship with your dog. Your dog will improve their problem-solving abilities through fun learning. This class is great for dogs of any age or skill level. 


Specialty and Tricks Classes

Our rotating offerings of mini-classes range from; sniffy classes, doggy date night classes, recall and leash walking classes, and even fungibility classes. In specialty classes, you will experience fun activities with your dog and explore skill-building that focuses on a target behavior that you want to improve.

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Current Classes