Dog Training Classes

Fusion® Pet Retreat® offers a wide range of training classes including puppy, obedience, citizenship, agility and scent training. All dog and puppy classes are hosted in the comfort of our climate controlled 11,000 sq. ft. indoor training facility.

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Puppy socialization

Our Puppy Socialization Class offers students a unique class experience.

In this class your puppies will be introduced to many new and exciting experiences in a safe and controlled environment. Your puppy will be exposed to other puppies of a similar age and size under the guidance of an experienced trainer.

We will begin discussing how to help your puppy develop appropriate and healthy play with other dogs. In addition to play, we will be working on positive exposure to husbandry exercises, and begin learning foundational training skills that will set your puppy up for success

basic Manners

This class is a great starting point for puppies and dogs that haven’t had much prior training experience.

In this class we will be working on developing foundation skills to teach your dogs basic obedience skills (sit, down, stay, come, mat training, etc.), talk about general behavior concerns, and work on building engagement and focus.

beyond manners

This class is our continuation on our ‘Basic Manners’ class. In this class we will be focusing on more advanced training such as loose-leash walking around distractions, building reliable recalls, ‘stay’ with distractions, focused attention, sending to a mat with relaxation on the mat, and more.


Tricks Classes

Here’s a fun class to teach your dog or puppy a variety tricks that will entertain a crowd. If you have a special trick in mind or would like to teach your dog to do something unique, let us know. This is a training class both of you will love.

Specialty Classes

We offer specialty classes on specific topics occasionally. Each class is a small session (3-4 weeks) focused on teaching important life skills to dogs. Classes might cover topics like walking on a leash, coming when called, or other important skills for dogs to know. If you have a topic that you’d like to see us teach, contact us to let us know!

Puppy Agility

This 8-week class focuses on agility fundamentals. Using fun games and tug play, your puppy will work with different equipment such as wobble boards, tunnels, targets, and cones. Each piece of specially selected agility equipment will build drive, focus, and motivation in your pup without hurting their young joints. Toys, treats, and lots of praise will motivate your puppy throughout the class.

Building Blocks of Agility

Build your dog’s confidence and develop a strong foundation of skills to become an agility superstar. Your dog will learn rear-end awareness, targeting, and basic performance with all agility equipment. This class is part of a three (3) part series.

Novice Agility Handling Class

This class builds upon Intermediate Agility Training. Hone your handling skills while your dog improves their abilities on all agility equipment. This training class runs you and your dog repeatedly through short fun courses to prepare for participation in Novice Agility level competition.

Intermediate Agility Handling Class

Continue to build you and your dog’s skills as a team in Intermediate Agility Handling Class. Learn to sequence longer courses and prepare for the Open/Excellent Level Competition.

Master Agility Handling Class

A class designed for dog/handler teams looking to continue adding handling skills to their toolbox. This class focuses on longer more intensive coursework.

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