What people are saying about Fusion® Pet Retreat®

I’m so excited you are open again. We’ve missed you more than we can say. Merlin and Maggie said to say Hello!! and can’t wait to come see the new Fusion Pet Retreat. – Helen P.


Oh so happy to get the update on your new facility. I’m so anxious to tour the new place. Sure did miss you guys! So excited you are STILL in business and can’t wait to tour the new Fusion Pet Retreat!!! – Margo Z.

We take our cats here for boarding every time we go out of town. It seems like competing pet hotels focus only on dog care but Fusion has an amazing cat play area so we know they are not kenneled for days on end. Price is similar to other boarders but we feel like our cats get more out of their stay for the same price. Would highly recommend Fusion Pet Retreat! – Nicole U.

Best pet boarding ever. Bar none. – Brad K.


Thanks for the great sudz ‘n scrub. Bucky looked so spiffy after his bath! – Karen S.

Cyndi Lauper loves it Auntie Ruth’s, now Fusion Pet Retreat. It’s the best in town. – Shawn L.

My Great Dane loves going to doggie daycare on a regular basis. The staff are attentive to needs and concerns, they also show SO much love to my boy every time! – Karla G.

My Australian Shepherd loves Fusions daycare. Even with her high energy level, the staff do a great job handling it and giving her the attention that she needs! – Eber T.


Our dog Gus loves going to Fusion and gets so excited each morning he comes for daycare. The staff is great keeping the dogs active and making sure all the play areas and kennels are clean. I recommend Fusion Pet Retreat for pet daycare or boarding in the Minnetonka area. – Bobby H.

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